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What child support can be used for

In Texas, child support covers a wide variety of expenses associated with raising a child. The most obvious expenses include food, utilities, rent or mortgage, clothing and other bare necessities. Yet, child support guidelines cover much, much more.

One such use of child support payments is for schooling. For many families, this will simply cover supplies like pencils, paper, lunch money or even a computer, if necessary. Private school tuition may also be covered. In addition, expenses like transportation, entertainment and childcare may be covered.

An important expense covered by child support is healthcare. This includes both health insurance and out-of-pocket expenses. For instance, if the child needs some kind of emergency surgery and insurance only covers part of it, both parents may be responsible for covering the rest. Standard procedures such as getting glasses or braces are also included in child support.

More and more children are getting involved with extracurricular activities, from after-school sports to summer camp. The non-custodial parent is responsible for helping pay for these activities, including transportation to and from them.

Child support payments may not stop when college starts. Often, the non-custodial parent will have to help the custodial parent pay for their child’s higher education. This includes tuition fees, books, room and board and other expenses.

Above all, Texas takes the child’s best interests into consideration. If the courts feel the non-custodial parent should pay more in order for the child to succeed, that will be the ruling. If you feel the original court ruling was not equitable and you are paying too much, consider speaking with a family law attorney about the matter.

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