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What are the most common causes of divorce?

It is estimated that roughly 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. The numbers do not discriminate against occupants in the local area of McKinney, Texas. Though all couples experience mistakes that place hurdles in the relationship, there are several common deal breakers cited as the most frequent causes of divorce. Recognizing these instances might help you to mitigate against future struggles or put your mind at ease if you are currently going through a divorce.

Infidelity is the culprit behind many divorces. Though some couples express a willingness to work things out if they were to catch their spouse having an affair, most are clear on the fact that they would end their marriage. Once trust is broken, it is difficult to foster a healthy relationship. No matter how much effort is put forth in moving past the betrayal, marriages often crumble under the circumstances. 

There are many addictions, ranging from substance abuse to pornography, that plague marriages. Couples who experience this issue often find the addiction making its way into nearly every aspect of life, ripping the relationship apart at the seams. The addiction itself can lead to other problems, like infidelity or general distrust.

Many divorces happen as the result of mental, physical or sexual abuse. Spouses indicate that if abuse did occur in their marriage, they would end the relationship — no questions asked.

As people age and change, major shifts in focus can cause friction in marriage that often leads to divorce. New priorities might not align with that of the spouse. Instead of growing together, many couples find themselves growing apart.

If you and your partner find yourselves at the end of your marriage, a divorce attorney may be able to help you find custody, asset division and other agreements that are equitable to both sides.

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