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Common child custody arrangements

Going through a divorce can be very stressful. You must now sit and arrange a way to divide everything with your ex-spouse, including custody of the children. Finding ways to help this process go smoothly is truly an art, but one of the best ways to make divorce easier for the whole family is to have a clear child custody arrangement that meets the wants and needs of parents and children. Texas outlines specific guidelines for child custody. Here is a short overview of some of the most common arrangements.

Joint legal and joint physical custody refers to an arrangements where both parents share equal rights to the children. They both make critical decisions for the children and share time with the children, splitting visitation equally. It is rare to have a true joint custody arrangement, but modified versions are very common. One example of a modified joint custody arrangement includes all the factors listed above, with the exception of split visitation. The children will live with one parent for the majority of their time so as not to ruin their routine.

Sole custody is commonly awarded to one parent if the other is deemed “unfit.” If there are any allegations of child abuse or drug and alcohol dependency, a parents might find that their rights are denied in child custody agreements. With a sole custody arrangement, only one parent has physical and legal custody of the children.

A solid child custody arrangement can help your divorce, as well as the recovery from the divorce, go much smoother for both parents and the children. If you are seeking a divorce, speaking with an experienced attorney might be very beneficial.

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