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When the other parent goes missing

There are few circumstances that are more frustrating than having the noncustodial parent of your child fall of the grid. These are normally the parents that are responsible for paying child support to the custodial parent, funds that many children cannot go without. They may also be responsible for other important benefits, such as healthcare or childcare costs.

You might not realize that the other parent of your child has gone missing until you go to request child support payments. The State of Texas has services in place to help custodial parents to establish child support payments or enforce visitation and other court orders. Services cannot be used to locate a person for reasons other than those listed.

This service is known as the State Parent Locator and it can help you to obtain the information that you need in order to establish child custody and support agreements. If you are the custodial parent or if you have had the children in your custody for a minimum of six months, you may be eligible to use these locator services.

Though parents often draft agreements on their own regarding child support and visitation, it is important to have a court order to define the responsibilities of each parent. Without legal action, it is easy for a parent to remove themselves from the situation and abandon their responsibilities as the noncustodial parent. When a parent goes missing, the state of Texas can help you to find them and get the benefits that your children need. If you have additional questions, speaking to an experienced attorney may be beneficial.

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