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November 2015 Archives

When does a child support order end?

By law, a child is entitled to get financial support from both parents. In cases where the parents are divorced or where one parent has primary or sole custody, the other parent may be ordered to pay child support. The Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Division can enter either by a court or Child support. Many child support orders clearly state when the payments will end. If the order does not specify when the support ends, this post covers what you need to know.

Can courts consider fault in a divorce?

n most states, a couple can get divorced even if neither spouse is at fault. This is known as a no-fault divorce. All one spouse has to show is that there has been an irreparable breakdown of the marriage or that there are irreconcilable differences, and a court can grant the divorce. Texas law allows both no-fault and fault grounds for a divorce.

Relocation laws and child custody

Child custody agreements are often set on a base that is built with distrust, hurt feelings and general negativity. This in itself makes custody arrangements that are outlined in the state of Texas difficult to set into place. Divorce cases often end in the courtroom, where a judge decides which parent while have what responsibilities. After a child custody arrangement has been created, a spouse deciding to relocate with the child could spark a bitter relocation dispute.

Preparing for your day in divorce court

The days leading up to your day in divorce court might very well be some of the most stressful of your life. You will find yourself preparing over and over again, making sure that you have your paperwork correct and that you are mentally ready to face your soon-to-be ex-spouse. You might be nervous to see that person again, especially if there was abuse involved while you were in the relationship. Though this might be one of the scariest days of your life, it is important to remind yourself that you will get through it.