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December 2015 Archives

I'm a father, not a husband, how do I keep my child in my life?

You are a father. You may have never even known you wanted to be a father. You were not married. You were not really in an exclusive relationship. However, a woman got pregnant, and the child was proven to be yours, and your entire world changed, for the better.

Domestic Violence and Child Custody

When you have suffered domestic abuse at the hands of your spouse, you may be ready to leave. Though spouses who have been accused of domestic violence in Texas are no more successful at gaining custody than those who have not, child custody decisions in these situations can be nerve-racking for the victim.

How are pets handled during a divorce?

A majority of the people in Texas are pet owners, and many see their pets as members of the family. When a couple decides that divorce is their best option, a bitter battle might ensue over who keeps the beloved animals. In recent years, it has become more and more common to see pet custody disagreements reaching the courtroom.