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I'm a father, not a husband, how do I keep my child in my life?

You are a father. You may have never even known you wanted to be a father. You were not married. You were not really in an exclusive relationship. However, a woman got pregnant, and the child was proven to be yours, and your entire world changed, for the better.

You may have tried to make a relationship work for the sake of the child, or you may have realized without trying that a relationship would never work. Now how do you protect and ensure a lasting father/child relationship, especially if the mother resents your lack of commitment to her and has told you in so many words that she will keep the child from you?

In the state of Texas, there are numerous types of custody plans and one can be tailored to work for your particular situation. Fortunately, if mediation will not work with the mother, a court will decide what is your allowed level of involvement. This is fortunate because the courts work toward keeping both parents in a child's life, so the exclusion of one party from involvement and a relationship is rare, and would likely be for only a specific set of dangerous circumstances that one parent could pose.

If you are dealing with the fallout of a relationship or never had a relationship with the other parent of your child, you may be concerned about the legalities and rights you have regarding your child. Whether you were married or not, if you fathered a child you have rights to that child. A family law attorney in Texas can present to you the various parenting options you may be able to pursue in order to keep your child in your life.

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