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How do I approximate how much I will pay for child support?

If you are new to the parenting scene or are newly divorced, you probably have concerns regarding the well-being of your child and want to have as much to do with the child or children as you can. If you do not have full custody, you will likely be expected to contribute financially to the support of your child. That can be disconcerting when the decision is out of your hands and in the hands of the court. Understanding how child support is essentially determined may help you garner an idea of what will be expected of you and how to budget accordingly.

First of all, the courts take into consideration how much you make on average per month. Then, deductions are taken based upon whether you contribute to medical insurance for the child and how much that premium is. The monthly premium amount is then deducted from your monthly income amount.

The courts also take into account how much you currently are committed to providing financially for another offspring, whether in child support payments or if they are currently living under your roof and in your custody. Modifications to this amount are possible based upon meeting certain criteria.

If you have a child to whom you are financially obligated and have concerns about your child support payments, it may be wise to reach out to a family law attorney in Texas for guidance. The attorney could offer advice regarding possible options for your payment plan. Child support is not intended to financially destroy you, but choosing to forgo payments could result in serious consequences. This is why an arrangement you can live with is so important for you and your child.

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