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Help for Texas parents who are confused by child custody

When parents end their relationships or their marriages, most will have to make decisions regarding the custody of their children. Child custody related decisions are not only subject to agreements made by parents, but they are also subject to Texas family court approvals. Before parents begin working toward child custody agreements, it is wise to understand Texas law to eliminate any confusion.

First, it is important to understand terminology and broad concepts. Legally, the term "conservatorship" is used in the state of Texas to refer to child custody. Also, it is important for parents to know that child custody is about parents' legal rights instead of about parenting time.

Conservatorship, or child custody, can be awarded in one of two ways. The first way is sole conservatorship, which is when one parent has the right to make all the legal decisions about his or her child. Joint conservatorship is when both parents share in the legal aspects of parenting. In most cases, Texas family courts will push parents toward joint conservatorship as this is usually viewed as in the best interests of children. However, the courts will always examine the specifics of all cases before making final decisions.

If you and your children's other parent are separating or divorcing, you may want to have the advice of an experienced family law attorney as you work toward a child custody agreement. Your attorney can help you determine which type of conservatorship will best fit your family's needs. In addition, your attorney can answer any other family law related questions you may have.

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