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Child visitation is an important topic for divorced Texas parents

When parents in Texas consider divorce, their main concerns are often their children and their future relationships with those children. For this reason, both child custody and child visitation are some of the most contentious topics in many divorces. If you face an upcoming divorce, you may benefit from learning more about how Texas handles child visitation.

First, it is key to understand that the state of Texas wants to ensure that both parents have access to their children and the ability to influence and enrich their children's lives. Because this is the state's goal, both parents are guaranteed access to their children unless the state determines that a parent's involvement is dangerous or otherwise detrimental. This knowledge often goes far in reassuring parents facing divorce.

Second, the state of Texas prefers to grant joint conservatorship, which is the same as joint custody. It is important to know that this still does not mean that both parents will share time with their children equally, so a child visitation schedule will still have to be created. Many parents in Texas utilize the state's standard possession order. However, those parents who live 100 miles or farther from each other do not have the option to use the standard order. In other cases, parents who do live within a 100-mile radius decide to create their own visitation plan that will better fit their needs.

Regardless of the approach you take for child visitation, you may find that the support of an experienced family law attorney is invaluable as you proceed through the legal process. A Texas attorney can explain what you can expect from the family law court, regardless of whether your case is fairly standard or extremely unusual. In addition, if you are unable to agree with your soon-to-be ex-spouse and your case must go before a judge, your attorney can ensure your interests are represented.

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