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Will my previous criminal charges affect my custody chances?

If you are going through a divorce or a child custody modification hearing and you have a criminal past, you may be wondering how that could affect your relationship with your child in the eyes of the court. If you have done your time and paid your dues, it may not seem fair that your past transgressions could interfere with your future relationship with one so dear to your heart.

Depending upon the type of charges you formerly incurred, you may find yourself facing particularly trying challenges while trying to preserve, maintain or increase custody with your child. In Texas, as in most states, what is best for the child is held in the forefront of all negotiations. However, input from both parents is preferred unless one parent is deemed to be unfit or a danger to the child.

That is why the nature of the charge matters when trying to anticipate the impact your past could have on your future with your child. What also matters is whether or not you can demonstrate that you have cleaned up your act and any past offenses have remained in the past.

If you are facing a custody modification or dispute and have a criminal history, it could prove beneficial to discuss your specific situation with a Texas family law attorney. He or she can help you plan for the best defense against your character and the best offense in achieving the level of custody that is best for your child. A parent willing to go the distance to demonstrate positive change in hopes of time with his or her child should speak volumes when the court determines what is in the best interests of your offspring.

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