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April 2016 Archives

How do I get full legal custody of my grandchild who lives with me?

Not all parents are experiencing the empty nest syndrome for long these days. Perhaps it can be attributed to the volatile economy, where jobs are hard to come by once education wraps or perhaps it can be blamed on the fact that the cost of living is high and doesn't correlate to the less mobile minimum wage. Whatever the reason, teenagers seem less rushed to leave the comfort of their parent's homes or may return after a few years. Some return after a failed marriage or return with a child. As parents, you probably welcomed your child home and went about loving and enjoying your grandchild as only a grandparent would.

Can I get alimony in Texas?

If you are going through a divorce, you are probably well aware of child support, and may have at least a general idea of whether or not you are a candidate for receiving it once your divorce is finalized. Do you have children? Are you the primary custodial caregiver to the children? Will you continue to be? But what if you do not have children? What if you were a homemaker or supported his or her business endeavors on a backend nonpaid position? What about additional financial help from your spouse then? Is your spouse obligated to pay you anything beyond child support ever? If so, what situations would merit a form of spousal support outside of child support?

Three things that could hurt your child custody case

Are you going through the big D and don't mean Dallas? Mark Chesnutt crooned those words over a decade ago when describing the hardships of divorce and property division, and the song is still relevant today. Even with fair and equitable division of assets, when it comes to ensuring the well-being of your children, life is anything but a song and far less simple. The best interests of your child or children will always be at the forefront of any child custody case. You may think you are guaranteed custody of your children, after all, you have a steady job and buy clothes, provide meals and attend recitals and softball games already. However, there are things courts take into consideration that may not be as obvious to you, and that could potentially damage your pursuit of primary custody.

Can I receive child support from an incarcerated parent?

If you have a child with a parent who is now incarcerated, you actually can and should still receive child support payments, provided you are raising the children. However, the amount of child support can be modified or lowered if appealed. That's because it is calculated as a percentage of the income made by the noncustodial parent.