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How do I get full legal custody of my grandchild who lives with me?

Not all parents are experiencing the empty nest syndrome for long these days. Perhaps it can be attributed to the volatile economy, where jobs are hard to come by once education wraps or perhaps it can be blamed on the fact that the cost of living is high and doesn't correlate to the less mobile minimum wage. Whatever the reason, teenagers seem less rushed to leave the comfort of their parent's homes or may return after a few years. Some return after a failed marriage or return with a child. As parents, you probably welcomed your child home and went about loving and enjoying your grandchild as only a grandparent would.


What happens if it becomes clear your own child is unfit to be a parent? What if you find you are still parenting your child as well as your child's child? What if the custodial parent of your grandchild leaves and does not return or is incarcerated? What if you have due reason to fear for the well-being of your grandchild should he or she be raised by either of the natural parents?

Custodial grandparents in the state of Texas have the ability to receive child support from the legal parents of the child. If the child already lives with you, you may have a good shot of receiving custody. If the child does not, you may receive visitation rights as a best case scenario.

If you are concerned about the well-being of your grandchildd, it may benefit you both to explore your legal options. A Texas family law attorney may be an invaluable resource for portraying you in the best light to the courts and keeping the grandchild you love, safe.


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