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Three things that could hurt your child custody case

Are you going through the big D and don't mean Dallas? Mark Chesnutt crooned those words over a decade ago when describing the hardships of divorce and property division, and the song is still relevant today. Even with fair and equitable division of assets, when it comes to ensuring the well-being of your children, life is anything but a song and far less simple. The best interests of your child or children will always be at the forefront of any child custody case. You may think you are guaranteed custody of your children, after all, you have a steady job and buy clothes, provide meals and attend recitals and softball games already. However, there are things courts take into consideration that may not be as obvious to you, and that could potentially damage your pursuit of primary custody.

Do you smoke or drink in excess? If so, this could hurt your chances of having your child placed with you. Secondhand smoke is no joke, and the judges may see it as a potential hazard to your child. Heavy alcohol consumption also comes with concerns.

How is your health? Your physical and mental well-being may be taken into account by a court and judge when determining the better support system for your child.

Have you been vindictive? If you've tried to paint your spouse or ex-partner in a bad light by accusing them, falsely, of child abuse, this could contrarily affect your chances at achieving custody. Alternatively, if your ex has done this to you, you may want to address this during the determination of custody. It could work in your favor.

A Texas family law attorney should be able to assist you in presenting the best possible version of yourself to the court. If you've hung on to some bad habits, need stability in areas of your health or are considering doing some mud-slinging, keep these considerations in mind, as it is likely a judge will too.

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