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Don't minimize the stepparent's role

When families split, and divorces occur, often one spouse is quick to enter into a new relationship and remarry. It makes sense, perhaps the remarried spouse was not the one pursuant of a divorce or maybe they needed help with the children. Most of the time, two parents working together makes a world of difference when it comes to raising children and getting them to school, soccer, doctor's appointment and so on.

The stepparent's role is not one to be taken lightly, and the Huffington Post recently released some tips and pointers for new stepparents that might need a little guidance in their very lofty endeavor.

First, new spouses should generally avoid trying to fix the co-parenting woes. Stepping in and playing anything other than a supportive role could result in hurt feelings, jealousy and adverse reactions. Let your spouse and his ex figure out a rhythm to their co-parenting.

Get ready for child support. If your spouse has to pay child support, it isn't usually a minor expense.

Be the bigger person, and don't get sucked into comparing households or what the kids are doing when they are at the ex's house. It is likely the kids will make comments about how much better things are at their other home. You might be surprised to find they say the same thing over there.

If you are working through co-parenting issues, whether in court or through mediation, keep in mind the role a stepparent may play, and don't minimize it. It means a lot to your case and your children. A Texas family law attorney may be able to advise you on how to achieve an optimal balance and retain favor with the courts.

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