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Helping Texas parents with child custody matters

The law is always changing. Shifts in social standards or expectations, changes in precedents based on new or old cases, and even differences in legal interpretation between judges can all affect the way that litigation proceeds. Child custody is a prime example of this constant changing, as labels such as sole custody or joint custody have shifted toward phrases like conservatorship and parenting plans. There is one thing that has not changed regarding child custody: the priorities.

In every child custody case, the most important issue for every party involved is safeguarding the child's future. This is why courts will always attempt to do what is in the best interests of the child. However, even the ideas of what is in the child's best interests have undergone some changes, which is why the assistance of an attorney can often be instrumental in helping you achieve a custody order that is best for your child and still fair to you.

Statistics show that in years past, sole custody was often awarded to mothers in the case of a divorce, and this was because often, fathers worked while mothers stayed home and cared for the children during the marriage. Naturally, when the parents split, courts felt that the mother was better suited to care for the child, and the father could continue to support the child financially. In modern times, experts agree that consistent involvement of both parents, both financially and physically, is best for the child.

If you want to receive the child custody agreement you deserve, one that allows you to remain actively involved in your child's life, you will have to prove to the courts that you are a positive influence in the child's life. If you are going through a divorce in Texas, visit our webpage to learn how we can help you prove before the courts that you are a good parent who deserves to continue improving your child's life.

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