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How to modify your child support payments in Texas

If you're divorced or unmarried, you may be required to pay for child support. In some cases, neither party may feel that child support is fair, however, it is important to remember that courts calculate child support payments based on the best interests of the child. Whatever form of child support costs you are using, the child support payments provide your child with a sustainable lifestyle. The child support expenses will help pay for your child's education and future goals.

In Texas, your child support payment will not change unless the court orders it. Courts try to make payments as fair as possible. The court may change your child support payments depending on your financial circumstances. For instance, you may claim that you should pay less for your child support payments because you have lost your job and can no longer make the payments. However, if your salary has not decreased and you are unable to prove your financial status in court, then the modifications will most likely be denied.

Ex-spouses may consider working together to formalize an agreement plan for child support payments. Your spouse may agree to you paying them less, but then legally you will have to pay them more money later on. If the money is not paid in full, then there is the possibility of jail time. For this reason, it is best to approach the matter through the court and have child support order legally modified.

If you live in Texas, and struggle to pay for your past due child support payments due to changes in your financial status, then you may want to consider hiring an experienced attorney. Legal assistance may help you prove that your finances have changed and guide you in having your payments modified.

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