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Know your rights for child support

If you are a parent struggling with divorce, your main concern may be how you will provide for your child. You may be worried about child support and if you will get fair and equal visitation rights.

You may also be concerned about your child modification agreement from your spouse and whether they will adhere to the agreement plan.

Child support is the money an ex-spouse pays to the other parent to help support their child. In Texas, child support must be provided to the child until they are legally at the age of eighteen. The spouse with a larger income may be awarded custody of the child. The spouse who has been given custody pays for the child's education and medical expenses during their college years. If they are covered by their employer's insurance, then the court will order them to add the child to their policy. If a child has a disability, the court may require the ex-spouse to support the child for the rest of their life.

In Texas, child support is built on the Texas Child Support Guidelines. The Texas Child Support Guidelines are estimated using the Texas Child Support Calculator. The court uses the calculator to determine the amount of child support the ex-spouse will pay.

In Texas, the Child Support Enforcement Department helps parents who have not been paid child support. If a spouse does not pay child support, then they may be held in contempt of court for failing to obey court orders. The spouse may even be arrested. The state can revoke their professional and driver licenses if there are too many overdue payments. The court may attach the assets that of the spouse responsible for child support.

You may consider holding your spouse under contempt. In order to do so, you need to file a motion. It is best to keep a record of all the money he or she owes you and your child. It may also be a good idea to hire an experienced family law attorney to draft the motion for you.

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