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Learn how to not be bullied into paying more for child support

A divorce not only affects the husband and the wife, it can also have a negative impact on the children.


In Texas, child custody is not at all simple. The judge inspects each parent's salary and determines whether the parent's financial position will be sufficient enough to continue affording to pay for child support. If the judge feels the non-custodial parent, who does not have full custody, is a better fit for the child then he or she will be chosen as the guardian.

In Texas, the monthly child support calculator determines the amount of financial support, a spouse pays to the custodial parent for caregiving costs. The calculator evaluates the number of hours a parent is working based on their salary or income. The calculator deducts whether the parent is paying medical expenses. You may want to include as many documents stating your financial situation to make sure that you are not ordered to pay a sum, which you cannot afford to maintain.

In Texas, a parent that is unable to pay for child for support is criminalized till the payments are paid. You may want to consider arranging a joint discussion with your ex-spouse regarding child support, visitation and planning a new custody modification plan that suits your financial position. With the changing of one's financial position, these agreements should be able to be brought up and changed to accommodate both parents.

You may want to seek an experienced lawyer who can further guide you and help you gain the justice you deserve.


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