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The daunting cost of child care in Texas

Having a child can give purpose and joy to a parent. But parenting is also hard work and raising a child is a costly endeavor. Of course, there are expected expenses for essentials like clothing, food, and housing, which all new parents expect. But one expense that often blindsides parents is that of child care. And the cost of infant care is especially daunting.

According to a report produced by the Economic Policy Institute, in Texas, the average cost of childcare for infants actually exceeds the cost of public college tuition for in-state students. Yes, that's right, on average, it is actually cheaper in Texas to send your child to college than to child care.

And while infants do require special, more expensive services, the costs do not decrease that significantly as the child gets older. In fact, the cost of child care for a four-year-old is about 90 percent of that for a college freshman at a state school.

So clearly, it is a challenge for two parents to pay for child care, but a single parent could really struggle. And it is single parents who often most need the services provided by child care facilities. This means that if you are a single parent and your child's other parent is obligated to pay child support, it is critical that those payments arrive on time, in full, every month.

If your child's other parent is not keeping up with his or her support payments, there are measures that can be taken to correct the situation. To get a clear understanding of your options and to have action taken to remedy the problem, you may wish to discuss your situation with an experienced Texas family law attorney.

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