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State program helps locate parents who fail to pay child support

If you are a single parent, you likely need every dollar of your income to cover your expenses. And if your child's other parent is accountable for providing monthly child support, that money is also very important for you and your child's well-being. As such, it is imperative that those support payments arrive, in full, every month.

If the other parent is delinquent with his or her payments, you could face financial hardships. Beyond that, it is simply not fair for you to carry the full financial weight of caring for your child when someone else is also obligated to do so. But what happens if your child's other parent has not only ceased making payments but is actively avoiding or hiding from you?

In such drastic circumstances, you may wish to utilize the resources provided by the Texas Office of the Attorney General's Child Support Evader Initiative. This program was created specifically to locate parents who are dodging their court-ordered support obligations.

This is done by displaying the profiles and pictures of the evaders in private and public areas. The program employs a number of cost-effective methods, such as the news media and posters, all of which are designed to illicit tips from the public regarding the whereabouts of the evaders.

But should you choose to work with the Child Support Evader program, there are some conditions that must be met. For example, there must have been an arrest warrant issued for the delinquent parent, and he or she must be in arrears for more than $5,000.

If your child's other parent is not fulfilling his or her support obligations, you do not have to suffer in silence. A family law attorney can explain all of the actions available, including the Child Evader Program, that can help you get the payments resumed and for getting the delinquent funds paid in full.

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