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December 2016 Archives

Domestic abusers can control victims through finances, part 2

In our last post on this blog, we discussed the ways in which an abusive spouse could control you through financial sabotage. But that post only told half the story. The other half of the story is how you can thwart these efforts and once again become a free individual. But if you have already been financially compromised, you may have to take some preparatory steps before you make your break.

Domestic abusers can control victims through finances, part 1

Physical and mental abuse are the two most commonly acknowledged aspects of domestic abuse. Abusers seek to control their partners through intimidation in any way they find effective. Of course, hitting, threatening and demeaning someone can have a devastating effect. But there is another way in which an abuser can control his or her partner; by keeping them financially compromised.

How can I avoid becoming too emotional after my divorce?

Sometimes a divorce is the resolution of long-standing conflicts and resentments that are felt by both parties. In other instances, only one spouse wants to split, leaving the other devastated and confused. But regardless of the underlying circumstances, a divorce can cause emotional turmoil. So if you are facing a parting of the ways with your spouse, it is very important to find ways to minimize the psychological stress.

Holiday expenses much harder to cover without child support

As amazing as it may seem, the holidays are here again. And if you are a parent, your mind may be going in multiple directions all at once. You may even be experiencing a bit of anxiety as you try to plan your budget for gifts, travel and other special expenses that only occur during the holiday season. If you are facing the following days with a sense of financial foreboding, you are hardly alone.