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Domestic abusers can control victims through finances, part 1

Physical and mental abuse are the two most commonly acknowledged aspects of domestic abuse. Abusers seek to control their partners through intimidation in any way they find effective. Of course, hitting, threatening and demeaning someone can have a devastating effect. But there is another way in which an abuser can control his or her partner; by keeping them financially compromised.

Without money, it is much more difficult to escape an abusive relationship. And there are a number of ways to keep a person bereft of funds. An abuser can resort to any number of tactics to cause economic harm, including draining a victim's bank account or destroying their credit by running up debts. Having bad credit could seriously inhibit a victim's ability to lease an apartment, thus making it more difficult to leave the abuser.

An abuser could even prevent the victim from seeking or keeping gainful employment. And by being put in such a difficult situation, a victim could begin to lose hope of ever seeing their situation improve.

But if you feel trapped at every turn by an abusive partner, you have more options available than you may realize. There are professional organizations, such as the National Domestic Violence Hotline that you can contact for advice and support.

Additionally, you could get in touch with an attorney who handles domestic abuse cases. An attorney can help you arrange a to have a protective order issued against your partner and be by your side throughout your efforts to change your life for the better.

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