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The state has a financial stake in your child support payments

If you are a single custodial parent, you are likely quite aware of the importance of receiving child support payments every month. It might even be that without these payments, you and your children could face serious financial hardships. So, if, for some reason, your child's support paying parent fails to meet his or her obligations, you may have to take measures to correct the situation.

The state of Texas takes the issue of child support very seriously, as do all of the other states in the nation. But why? After all, isn?t a family's finances a personal situation? Well, yes and no. You see, when families fall into financial crises, they may have to lean on social services.

The fact is, if things get too bad for a family, they may have to resort to applying for aid from the welfare system. This means that the state could have to provide food stamps or Medicaid benefits to help ensure that the children are properly cared for.

As such, the state has not only a human but also a financial interest when dealing with parents who are not making their child support payments. And there are a number of legal options that the state can impose in an effort to get a parent to cover both current and delinquent payments.

If your child's other parent has fallen behind on child support payments, you may wish to speak with a Texas family law attorney. The attorney can assess your case and help you choose the best manner in which to get the money that your children are entitled to.

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