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What issues should be addressed by a parenting plan?

In order to ensure that a child's needs are met after a divorce, divorcing couples in Texas are required to create a parenting plan. The terms of the parenting plan describe the manner in which the child's time will be divided between the parents. Depending on your circumstances, a parenting plan can be used as an informal child custody guide, or it can be a legally binding document.

The primary function of a parenting plan is to clarify each party's custody rights and responsibilities. And according to the Office of the Attorney General of Texas, the following are some of the important issues that merit consideration.

  • Which parent makes the day-to-day decisions and the manner in which you will make important decisions together.
  • The amount of time the child will typically spend with each parent.
  • The process of exchanging the child.
  • The process for making permanent and temporary changes to the plan.
  • With whom the child will spend specific holidays, vacations, birthdays and school breaks.
  • Plans regarding payments for such items as extracurricular activities and school supplies.

You can also stipulate a process for resolving disputes. For instance, you may want to designate that you and your ex should try to resolve an issue by going through mediation before taking the matter to court.

But one of the best ways to avoid post-divorce conflicts regarding child custody is to craft a parenting plan that has clear, fair and practical provisions. And an experienced family law attorney can help you create a parenting plan that is in the best interests of your child.

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