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March 2017 Archives

Man could go to jail for failing to pay alimony

When couples in Texas marry, they likely never envision a time when they will no longer want to be in a relationship together. However, as times passes, relationships change, and a decision may be made that a divorce is in the best interest of both people. There are, at times, strong emotions entangled with the dissolution of a marriage, sometimes making matters regarding property division contentious and ongoing. In fact, one out-of-state man faces imprisonment after he allegedly failed to pay his ex-wife alimony.

Texas attorney helps modify child custody agreements

Life is seldom without complications. Even when divorced parents have come to an agreement regarding child custody, for example, life often steps in with changes that force modifications to an existing agreement. Life changes that force one parent to move, for example, can be especially tricky. Fortunately, the law firm Barbara L. Jouette, Attorney, P.C. can help parents relocating into or out of Texas understand state law and pursue the best interests of their child.

Certain behaviors could be precursors to divorce

The words "marriage" and "easy" are rarely associated with each other. The fact is, sustaining a marriage is one of the most difficult things two people can do in the best of circumstances. But if one of the partners has stopped trying to make things work, the chances of a marriage remaining healthy are reduced to nearly zero.

Father sentenced to jail due to unpaid child support

Raising children is expensive. Often, when both parents in Texas remain in a relationship and work together to provide for the needs of their children, they still struggle to make ends meet. Unfortunately, when one parent fails to meet his or her child support obligations, it can have negative consequences on children and can result in punishment for the parent who does not pay.

Chris Robinson, Kate Hudson reevaluate visitation, child custody

For a variety of different reasons, people in Dallas and other areas of the country find that their marriages are no longer sustainable. While many people can amicably go through the divorce process, couples with children must continue to work to maintain a relationship that is conducive to co-parenting throughout the child's life. In some cases, parents are often unable to come to an agreement regarding child custody and visitation, prompting them to request court intervention.