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Chris Robinson, Kate Hudson reevaluate visitation, child custody

For a variety of different reasons, people in Dallas and other areas of the country find that their marriages are no longer sustainable. While many people can amicably go through the divorce process, couples with children must continue to work to maintain a relationship that is conducive to co-parenting throughout the child's life. In some cases, parents are often unable to come to an agreement regarding child custody and visitation, prompting them to request court intervention.

Chris Robinson and Kate Hudson are now using the courts to help them create a satisfactory parenting plan for their 13-year-old son. According to reports, the two divorced in 2007, seven years after they married. At the time, they agreed to share custody of their then 2-year-old son.

However, Robinson filed papers in 2016 requesting that their parenting plan be visited. Although a court date was set for June 2016, recent court filings indicate that the issue has not been resolved. Both parties have now agreed to the involvement of a court evaluator who will interview both parents as as well as their son in order to make a recommendation regarding the best interests of the teenager.

Parents in Dallas sometimes find themselves in the same situation regarding visitation and child custody. Both parents may struggle to come to an agreement regarding their child's best interests, prompting them to request a court to help them create an appropriate parenting plan. For many parents, requesting such an intervention is their way of ensuring that the needs of their child are being met as well as protecting their relationship with him or her.

Source:, "Chris Robinson Files Custody Challenge Against Ex, Kate Hudson", Feb. 28, 2017

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