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Father sentenced to jail due to unpaid child support

Raising children is expensive. Often, when both parents in Texas remain in a relationship and work together to provide for the needs of their children, they still struggle to make ends meet. Unfortunately, when one parent fails to meet his or her child support obligations, it can have negative consequences on children and can result in punishment for the parent who does not pay.

One man is likely fully aware of the potential consequences of failing to make court-ordered child support payments after he was sentenced to one year in jail. The out-of-state man is said to have four children with three different women. Over the years, he reportedly accrued approximately $92,000 in child support arrears.

In most cases such as this in Michigan -- where the man lives -- those found guilty of failing to make support payments are sentenced to probation. This allows the person to work in order to earn money to allow him or her to meet the financial obligation. However, officials claimed that since the man has made no effort to meet these obligations to his children in the past, it is unlikely that he will work to pay off his debt.

Failing to pay child support can damage the parent's relationship with his or her children and could potentially prevent the children from receiving adequate care. In certain circumstances, a parent may experience an significant change in circumstance due to an illness or injury or unexpected unemployment. Formally requesting a child support modification in these circumstances may help prevent consequences such as jail time. An attorney with experience in family law proceedings can help parents in Texas represent their interests to the court.

Source:, "Lack of effort to pay child support sends Payne to jail", Don Reid, March 14, 2017

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