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Parents continue family picture tradition following divorce

Some people in Texas are unhappy in their marriage. Unfortunately, the misconception that a divorce is inherently bitter and contentious can often lead people to delay ending their marriage, especially if there are children involved. However, many parents are able to put their differences aside for the sake of their children even after their marriage has ended, helping them to understand that they have the love and support of both their parents.

One couple has been able to do this. The former couple, who have a 4-year-old son together, were married for three years when they divorced in 2015. The mother claims that her son is much happier now that his parents are arguing less than they were at the time of the split.

The woman, a child of divorce and a photographer, claims that she regrets not having any pictures of herself with both of her parents. As a result, she has committed to ensuring that her son does not have similar regrets. As such, she and her ex-husband continue to pose for a picture with their son every year. The son, according to his mother, has all of their family portraits displayed in his room.

This woman has apparently discovered what many other divorced parents in Texas have. While a divorce can be difficult for children, parents can put aside their differences to help make memories for their children and ensure that they continue to feel loved. Often, couples may delay a divorce because they feel that staying together is in the best interest of their children, but children may actually benefit more from having two happy parents living apart as opposed to two parents who live together but fight constantly.

Source: People Magazine, "Divorced Parents Reunite Each Year for Family Photo: 'You Are Not Divorcing the Child'", Erin Hill, March 31, 2017

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