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Radio show host Ira Glass files for divorce

Many people in Texas have an image in their head of the average life of a couple. In this image, at least one -- if not both -- of the spouses likely goes to work each morning and returns at the end of the workday. The idyllic couple may or may not have children, but their schedules typically somewhat correspond, allowing them to spend quality time with one another. However, this is not the case for every couple. Hectic work schedules, for example, may make it difficult for a couple to balance their relationship, sometimes resulting in a divorce.

Ira Glass, the host of the radio show 'This American Life,' likely knows something about attempting to balance his family life with his professional. The 58-year-old man married his wife in 2005 but previously hinted about the struggles he and his wife had with their relationship. When an interviewer questioned him about his wife in May 2016, he reportedly claimed that his relationship was no model for partners who are busy, stating that their busy schedules make their life difficult.

In March of this year, he reportedly announced to the audience that he and his wife separated several years ago. He has since made steps to terminate their marriage. Some sources claim that he recently filed for divorce.

Most couples in Texas feel that their relationship is solid and will endure when they marry. However, as time passes, people and schedules change, placing stress on the relationship. While some couples are able to cope with this stress, many are not and ultimately decide that it is in their best interest to go their separate ways. Despite the strong emotions often tied to the dissolution of a marriage, many couples are able to do this amicably, avoiding contentious divorce proceedings.

Source: New York Daily News, "'This American Life' host Ira Glass files for divorce from writer Anaheed Alani", Victoria Bekiempis, April 17, 2017

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