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Property division an important consideration for Texas couples

Prenuptial agreements can be an important tool for couples considering marriage. Texas couples may wish to learn the ins and outs of the prenup, especially if the marriage is later in life or if one of the spouses owns significantly more assets than the other. A prenuptial agreement can help with property division, alimony and financial protection. 

The primary intention of a prenuptial agreement is to clarify who owns what assets and how debt will be distributed in the event of a divorce.  While this concept can seem unsexy, a well-written prenuptial agreement can save time and money for both parties and make a divorce less painful and drawn out. Although most couples like to think that their marriage will last forever, the reality is that many marriages will end in divorce. 

A prenuptial agreement will include an identification of assets and debts that both parties had acquired prior to the marriage. It will also cover property division, any alimony support and how assets and debt accrued during the marriage will be distributed in the event of a divorce. Some agreements include a renegotiation clause, giving flexibility and allowing for changes as the marriage evolves.

A prenuptial agreement can expedite the process of divorce and allow both parties to move on after the marriage ends. When well-reasoned adults are able to make responsible decisions for their future, their children's future and the future of their assets, everyone wins. An attorney can be helpful in determining what provisions best fit the needs of the client when creating a prenuptial agreement, whether it is property division, alimony or debt repayment. Anyone in Texas considering marriage may wish to enlist the services of a family law lawyer when creating a prenuptial agreement.

Source:, "Wedding Approaching? What About a Prenup?", Abby Vanderheyden, May 1, 2017

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