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June 2017 Archives

For tax purposes, alimony agreements should be crystal clear

Taxes can certainly leave the filer stressed out over deductions and potential audits. Trying to do taxes after a divorce can be tricky as well. As a recent news story documents, it is important to have divorce and alimony agreements made crystal clear in writing so that they can be used to determine what, if any, deductions are allowed for alimony. For individuals divorcing in Texas, one man's story can provide some valuable food for thought. 

Divorce during old age often less painful

The end of a marriage does not have to be extraordinarily painful or bitter. Sometimes events, relationships and marriages come to their own natural conclusion. When two people decide together that they are no longer compatible, they can choose to divorce in a way that meets the needs of both parties involved and allows them to peacefully go their separate ways. Texas couples considering divorce may be able to take some inspiration from a recent news article about divorce for older couples. 

New program eases need for child support enforcement

Innocent children do not need to bear the brunt of lapsed support payments with a new program, which is in effect in another state. Parents who may struggle to get to payment locations in a timely manner may have their fears of child support enforcement relieved, and custodial parents will receive needed support on time. Texas families will be interested to learn about the new program that allows parents to make child support payments in local convenience stores. 

Texas appeals court reverses portions of divorce settlement

Sorting out the details of a divorce can be tricky and time consuming. Cases are sometimes reviewed on appeal and, when appropriate, sent back to a lower court for further actions. Recently, a Texas appeals court did exactly this with regard to a divorce case involving the owner of a company and his ex-wife. The court actually reversed parts of lower court's ruling and sent the case back to trial.