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New program eases need for child support enforcement

Innocent children do not need to bear the brunt of lapsed support payments with a new program, which is in effect in another state. Parents who may struggle to get to payment locations in a timely manner may have their fears of child support enforcement relieved, and custodial parents will receive needed support on time. Texas families will be interested to learn about the new program that allows parents to make child support payments in local convenience stores. 

The program, newly launched in a midwestern state, gives the ability to pay child support payments at hundreds of local convenience stores. For a nominal fee, the payments can be made even in cash, at places most parents will find fit into their everyday lifestyles more easily than special trips to the courthouse. The program also allows for the setup of online payments and gives the ability for parents to make payments from another state.

The Michigan program so far has been successful, with approximately $1.6 million of child support payments being made through convenience stores. Proponents of the plan see the benefit to meeting parents where they are. If paying is easier, more payments will be made, children get needed support and there is less need for child support enforcement. 

The payment program has not yet reached Texas, but interested persons may choose to advocate for such accommodations to be made.  In the meantime, parents with issues related to child support can choose to get the assistance of a family law attorney who will be able to use his or her extensive knowledge to enable families to get results that focus on the best interest of the child. When children are safe and cared for with the proper amount of care and financial support, children can thrive and grow into strong human beings. 

Source:, "$1.6M in child support payments made at retail stores", Sarah Rahal, June 11, 2017

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