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July 2017 Archives

Texas man faces child support bill despite not being the father

If any question arises relating to paternity within a family, it can be easily resolved with a DNA test. After a paternity test, it can be determined whether a man is the birth father of a child and whether he is responsible for supporting the child. An unusual case in Texas is illustrating a rare exception to this rule. The man has been determined not to be the father, but still may be held accountable for child support payments. 

New children's show features shared child custody

It is always heartening when different types of families are featured on TV. This is especially true for children's shows, because they can help reassure children who might be facing family issues such as child custody agreements and divorce. Parents in Texas will appreciate a new Disney show that tackles the issue of co-parenting and highlights the positives of approaching this issue with maturity. 

Americans more familiar with family law, feel divorce is moral

Perhaps not surprisingly, American attitudes about divorce are shifting. Some researchers have determined the increased approval of divorce to be part of an overall leftward shift on social values. Increased numbers of divorce have also led Americans to be more familiar with family law. A recently released Gallup poll shows the increase in morally acceptability of divorce. Those in Texas who are considering divorce may take heart in the poll's findings. 

Divorce selfies show that breaking up doesn't have to be painful

Why so serious? Ending a marital relationship doesn't have to be the pits. Divorce can be a normal part of ending a relationship when both parties agree that it's time to move on. One new trend sweeping across social media is the divorce selfie. Will divorcing couples in Texas also adopt the divorce selfie trend?