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Americans more familiar with family law, feel divorce is moral

Perhaps not surprisingly, American attitudes about divorce are shifting. Some researchers have determined the increased approval of divorce to be part of an overall leftward shift on social values. Increased numbers of divorce have also led Americans to be more familiar with family law. A recently released Gallup poll shows the increase in morally acceptability of divorce. Those in Texas who are considering divorce may take heart in the poll's findings. 

According to the Gallup poll, 73 percent of Americans feel that divorce is morally acceptable. This finding has increased 14 percentage points since 2001. Younger people are more accepting of divorce, but some may be surprised to learn that divorce is also more acceptable among already married people and religious people. The overall trend is increased acceptance of divorce. 

State law changes have contributed to changing attitudes about divorce. In the 1970s, states started to offer the no-fault divorce, making divorce easier and less costly to undergo. The divorce rate peaked in the 1980s and 1990s after the changes in legislation. These trends may also indicate shifting attitudes about marriage and partnership. 

Family law and ideas about divorce have changed considerably since the 1950s, when most Americans opposed divorce on moral grounds. Today, attitudes have shifted, and people are more free to choose divorce without fear of social stigma. In Texas, an experienced family law attorney can help a person seeking divorce. A lawyer will help to settle the divorce in a way that fits the needs and best interests of the client represented. 

Source:, "U.S. Divorce Rate Dips, but Moral Acceptability Hits New High", Andrew Dugan, July 7, 2017

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