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Divorce selfies show that breaking up doesn't have to be painful

Why so serious? Ending a marital relationship doesn't have to be the pits. Divorce can be a normal part of ending a relationship when both parties agree that it's time to move on. One new trend sweeping across social media is the divorce selfie. Will divorcing couples in Texas also adopt the divorce selfie trend? 

Recently, a news station shared some Instagram posts of recently divorced couples sharing a divorce selfie. One thing that all the selfies had in common was a mutual respect in the face of divorce. The couples were able to split amicably, and sometimes mentioned the enduring love that would remain between the two when they moved on as friends. 

One couple wore the same shirt to divorce court when they finalized their divorce. Another couple celebrated with a beer after dissolving their marriage of 25 years. Even though the marital relationship had come to an end between them, they were able to still celebrate the time spent together and their shared love of their children. These modern couples are showing the rest of the world what it takes to be happily divorced. 

One element of an amicable divorce is a clear and fair divorce agreement. In Texas, a good way to reach a divorce agreement that meets the needs of both parties is for each person to retain a lawyer who can advocate for their specific needs regarding property division, child custody and alimony. That way, each person can protect one's individual best interests. Will attorneys start to pop up in the new divorce selfie trend? Only time will tell. 

Source:, "Divorce selfies are the new trend sweeping social media", Janan Buisier, July 5, 2017

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