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New children's show features shared child custody

It is always heartening when different types of families are featured on TV. This is especially true for children's shows, because they can help reassure children who might be facing family issues such as child custody agreements and divorce. Parents in Texas will appreciate a new Disney show that tackles the issue of co-parenting and highlights the positives of approaching this issue with maturity. 

The show picks up where an older show had left off. Previously, the two main characters were trying to make a long-distance relationship work. In the new show, the couple had been married, had kids and then got divorced. The children share their time with both their mom and their dad. 

It is important to model these types of behaviors for children so that they know they aren't alone and that their family isn't the only one using the co-parenting model. When a family goes through a divorce, the children may be a little apprehensive about the future, but television shows such as these can help assuage those fears. When the parents are able to create and follow a child custody agreement, that helps children, too.

Child custody issues can be a touchy subject, but when a family is able to put petty disagreements aside and come together for the best interests of the children, it is a beautiful thing. Making a child custody agreement that works is a great place to start. In Texas, a parent who needs help with child custody arrangements has the right to use the services of a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney. 

Source:, "'Raven's Home' Plans To Tackle Divorce In A Meaningful Way", Sabienna Bowman, July 19, 2017

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