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August 2017 Archives

Texas child support enforcement pulls violator's registrations

If you don't pay, you don't drive. For almost a year the Texas Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has terminated the vehicle registrations of parents behind on their child support payments. The child support enforcement initiative has resulted in numerous registration denials and has apparently increased the amount of support paid to children in the state. 

Marriage dissolution solutions

The biggest tasks in life can usually be easily managed when broken down into smaller parts. From building a house, to getting an education, or even divorce, a person does not have to be overwhelmed by the complexity of the issue. In a recent news article, one person shares her tips for approaching marriage dissolution in a strategic way. Individuals in Texas grappling with this issue may find her advice helpful. 

Divorce program for children can aid with anxieties

One state is now offering a program for children whose parents are breaking up. The divorce classes are designed to enable children to better cope with their questions about the dissolution of their parent's marriage. Perhaps states like Texas can see the results of the program and apply a similar tool within the state legal system. 

Tips for speedy marriage dissolution

Sometimes the only way out of an uncomfortable event is to just go through it. This concept may not be appealing to a person facing a divorce with somebody they no longer want to associate with. But marriage dissolution, when approached in a certain way, can be sped up to allow both parties their freedom a little bit sooner. Texas area individuals may find the following tips enlightening as they move through a divorce. 

Child custody dispute involves father's mental health records

In most states, individuals have the right to privacy when it comes to their personal health records. A recent case involving a father with a post-traumatic stress disorder diagnosis and a mother seeking full custody of her children has raised questions of just how private those records should remain. The story was recently covered in the news and gives details about the case and shares the man's quest for shared child custody. Individuals in Texas may find the questions raised by the case interesting.