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Divorce program for children can aid with anxieties

One state is now offering a program for children whose parents are breaking up. The divorce classes are designed to enable children to better cope with their questions about the dissolution of their parent's marriage. Perhaps states like Texas can see the results of the program and apply a similar tool within the state legal system. 

Many children are unfamiliar with divorce, and their only understanding of a courtroom is what they have seen on television. So when faced with the pending breakup of their parents, they have fears that they will be caught in a courtroom confrontation or be forced to testify about their parents. The education program in Utah pairs children with a judge so that they can ask questions, tour the courthouse and learn that the legal side of divorce does not have to be scary.

Children are also educated on ways to discuss the issue with friends and family and are coached on positive ways to decline discussing uncomfortable issues. The judges say that they feel empowered by the classes as well. By interacting with children, it gives the judges a reminder about protecting the best interests of children during child custody and child support decisions. 

A divorce class for children is a groundbreaking idea. Children are eased into the concept, and they can have their fears allayed as the process becomes less alien. When divorce is a legal issue between two parents, each parent will likely want to enlist the aid of their own individual attorneys. In Texas, an attorney can help guide a person on legal issues regarding the custody and care of children. 

Source:, "How Utah divorce classes are helping children", McKenzie Romero, Aug. 13, 2017

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