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Does your occupation predict likelihood of divorce?

Experts have been attempting to demystify human behavior by analyzing data for many years. Most recently, a researcher has looked at divorce rates and how they relate to a person's chosen profession. Many people in Texas are familiar with the old stereotype that 50 percent of marriages end in breakups, but is this true, or is it just a myth? 

The researcher analyzed a U.S. Census Bureau study that includes data from over 500 occupations called the 5-Year American Community Survey. The survey was published in the year 2015. The researcher looked at data from people who had been married at least once and who were divorced. 

His findings returned some interesting results. Actuaries have the lowest divorce rate. The job description of an actuary is one who analyzes risk and uncertainty, so it would seem to make sense that these individuals make choices for partners that are less likely to end in divorce. The occupation with one of the highest rates of divorce is gaming manager of a casino. Again, the high divorce rate seems to match the personality of the person -- one who likes to take a chance. 

While the job itself is less likely of a predictor about marriage, and more a reflection of the personality type of the individual that seeks out a certain job, the results of the analysis are revealing. To be sure, though, there are no hard and fast rules for knowing whether one will need a divorce. If person in Texas may find him or herself in need of a divorce attorney at some point, it makes sense to work with a compassionate professional who has a successful track record in handling these family law proceedings. 

Source:, "Divorce rates in America, by occupation and industry", Leah Fessler, Sept. 6, 2017

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