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October 2017 Archives

Texas: Divorce may have tax implications

The end of a marriage does not have to mean the beginning of tax confusion as long as an individual stays informed about the law. After a divorce, a person's taxes can be affected by the filing status, exemptions and alimony. Individuals in Texas who may be facing a divorce may be able to glean some information from a recent article sharing some of the ins and outs of post-marriage tax filing. 

Child support enforcement escalates case of former Texas man

A well-traveled man is facing charges related to unpaid support payments for his alleged child. The man, a former Texas resident, who has also resided in several other states, was arrested by federal officials after failing to pay his court-ordered payments. The child support enforcement case was escalated to the federal level since his child lives in another state. 

Rapists have fewer routes to child custody in Texas

A person who has committed the grievous crime of rape is likely to pose a hazard to the well-being of any child born of that crime. In some states, however, rapists are able to get child custody for children they fathered while raping the mother. In Texas, some legislation does exist to protect children from being in the custody of rapists.

Do genes influence family law needs?

In an unusual news piece, a research study claims that the tendency to break up may be genetic. A study completed by two universities claims to have found a genetic link in families, making individuals from divorced families more likely to use family law services later in their own lives. The recent revelations may be of possible interest to people considering divorce in Texas.