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Do genes influence family law needs?

In an unusual news piece, a research study claims that the tendency to break up may be genetic. A study completed by two universities claims to have found a genetic link in families, making individuals from divorced families more likely to use family law services later in their own lives. The recent revelations may be of possible interest to people considering divorce in Texas. 

The research investigated adopted individuals and found that they were more likely to exhibit the divorce patterns of their biological parents rather than their adoptive parents. Much of the prevalent wisdom about divorce claims that the tendency to divorce is a learned behavior. Since the child learned poor conflict management skills or lack of commitment from the parents, the child is more likely to internalize the behavior of the role model and repeat it in his or her own life. 

The researchers argue that their results show a genetic link. They hope that the new information can change the way that therapists approach couples counseling. By targeting more basic personality traits instead of relationship skills, the researchers hope that therapy will be more productive for the affected individuals. 

Divorce does tend to run in families, although the hypothesis as to why people act the way they do may continue to be debated. For the person experiencing a divorce, the reasons why may matter less in the moment than the practical considerations. Most individuals in Texas are likely to choose a family law attorney to help them manage the practical side of divorce. 

Source:, "Why does divorce run in families? The answer may be genetics", Oct. 17, 2017

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