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Child custody tips from a divorce expert

A recent article written by an experienced family advisor shares some tips on co-parenting. The woman gives basic guidelines that some individuals in Texas may wish to ponder and apply if they match their needs when considering child custody. The tips are designed to help individuals begin to plan and implement a workable co-parenting plan. 

For the individual who is just entering the divorce negotiation process, she stresses that it is important to be prepared. The person entering negotiations should understand the different types of custody -- joint, shared and sole. The person should also think of their needs and preferences regarding visitation. The ideal agreement would meet the needs of the children and the schedules of the parents, as well as allowing for some flexibility for future changes. 

A parenting plan can be a vital tool to share the care and visitation of the children. This plan will designate how parents can communicate about doctors' visits, extra-curricular activities and holidays. Once the plan is set, it will be the handbook that both parents will live by. Making changes is possible, but can be costly, so it is in one's best interest to create a good plan the first time. 

Agreeing on child custody is an important part of any divorce where the individuals have had children together. Experts definitely see the utility of a sound co-parenting plan. In Texas, many individuals have decided that a lawyer can be a good choice for assistance with the details of settling a divorce.

Source:, "You're Divorcing Your Wife, Not Your Kids: Tips for Child Custody, Visitation and Co-Parenting", Audrey Silcox, Accessed on Nov. 16, 2017

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