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Even divorce has hidden blessings

Life is all in what one makes of it. One's attitude can determine whether an event is a blessing or a curse, and when people choose to see the positive side of any change, they can set themselves up for a happier life. Even divorce has its upside, as a recent news article shows. Individuals in Texas may find some helpful hints from the article for shaping an attitude of gratitude for divorce. 

Divorce can end some stresses and obligations. Obligatory hangouts with an ex-spouse's family or friends are now a thing of the past. This gives more room in life to create one's own traditions and ways of doing special activities. One might even pick up some new skills along the way as well.

Both during and after a breakup, a person will usually find help coming in from one's support system. A tumultuous relationship may have driven some individuals from supportive friends and family, and the separation gives room for those helpful guides to come back into one's life. Since battles with the ex and now likely a thing of the past, individuals can enjoy a peaceful home again. 

A person can also choose to be grateful for the support team that is formed to help get through the divorce as well. In Texas, that team can include pastors, therapists, accountants and a good legal advisor. During a divorce, most people choose to hire a team that includes a family law attorney in order to exit the marriage with the best possible outcome for their finances, property and children. 

Source:, "Five Reasons to be Thankful for Divorce", Carla Schiff Donnelly, Nov. 20, 2017

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