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December 2017 Archives

Reframing thoughts about shared child custody during holidays

The thought of co-parenting after separating from one's spouse can be challenging, but it certainly does not have to be so. Even being a two-house household during the holidays can be a blessing, if one can think of it in a certain light. Shared child custody allows divorced parents certain advantages, so individuals in Texas who are facing divorce need not fear the changes. 

Family law changes may be expected in 2018

Spousal support payments may be undergoing a revision in the coming year. A federal tax bill can change the way individuals pay their support payments and how recipients claim the funds. The proposed changes will be felt in the courts of Texas family law as individuals negotiate settlements using the new terms. 

Author shares tips for divorce preparation

Ready to untie the knot? In Texas, many individuals choose to end their marriage for a variety of reasons. These individuals may be thinking of methods to make the transition a little smoother. After observing many divorcing couples in a variety of circumstances, advisors offer some tips for individuals preparing for a divorce

Gig economy makes child support enforcement tougher

It seems like everyone is freelancing these days. With the rise of the gig economy, some parents are finding it easier to avoid having support payments taken from their paychecks. In order to bolster child support enforcement, states are looking at ways to make employers more likely to report their employees to collection agencies. In Texas, as of 2015, companies are now mandated to report new contractor hires to the child support database.