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Author shares tips for divorce preparation

Ready to untie the knot? In Texas, many individuals choose to end their marriage for a variety of reasons. These individuals may be thinking of methods to make the transition a little smoother. After observing many divorcing couples in a variety of circumstances, advisors offer some tips for individuals preparing for a divorce

The tips include financial considerations, strategies and details about the children. At first, a divorcing individual may want to consider separating the joint finances and creating an individual savings account, checking account and credit card. A divorce will typically have some financial cost associated with it, so saving in advance for the anticipated expenses is another idea. 

Alongside financial considerations, the person may want to secure his or her own health insurance if, previously, he or she has depended upon the spouse. Many people also choose to obtain important documentation and make copies, updating personal information and beneficiaries along the way. As for the divorce itself, there are several options, including uncontested divorce, mediation, collaborative and trial litigation. Each option has its own pros and cons, so a person may begin by researching. 

When an individual starts to think about divorce, he or she can take a close look at many of the shared aspects of the finances and property, and begin to think of how best to separate them. In Texas, every divorce is unique, and some strategies work better for some people than for others. Many individuals will seek the advice of an experienced family law attorney for an analysis of their unique case.  

Source:, "7 Things to Do When You and Your Spouse Decide to Divorce", Andre Smith, Dec. 11, 2017

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