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Reframing thoughts about shared child custody during holidays

The thought of co-parenting after separating from one's spouse can be challenging, but it certainly does not have to be so. Even being a two-house household during the holidays can be a blessing, if one can think of it in a certain light. Shared child custody allows divorced parents certain advantages, so individuals in Texas who are facing divorce need not fear the changes. 

Once parents are able to make an agreement on the routine and the communication for the children, everything can seem to slip into place. Some families share the custody in a three days with one parent, four days with the other type of schedule, allowing for flexibility and fairness in sharing events as needed. Parents can also still present a unified front for parenting methods by maintaining communication about techniques and preferences, even if it's only through text. 

Some families choose to alternate years for major holidays, and some families choose to wake up at one parent's house and then travel to the other parent's house. Each family will find a rhythm that works. Some consider a shared holiday a double blessing - double gifts, double meals and double the chances to please the needs of the children. 

For individuals in Texas going through the child custody process, it can be helpful to look at sharing the work as a blessing. Shared custody can give each parent an occasional break and allow the children to build healthy relationships with each parent. Many people choose to hire a family law attorney during the custody negotiations for additional support. 

Source: The Huffington Post, "Two-House Christmas: Parenting After Divorce", Lara Lillibridge, Dec. 25, 2017

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