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Divorce planning includes deciding where to live

During and after a marital breakup, it is likely that at least one party will be searching for a new place to live. For the person in Texas relocating after divorce, there are a few options. Part of the divorce planning process may include weighing the pros and cons of each of the housing options. 

At the end of a marriage, an individual can choose to stay in the home, buy a new home or rent housing. There are emotional and social benefits to remaining in the marital home, but the costs may be more significant with only one income to support mortgage and maintenance. A person could also choose to buy a new home, which opens up new opportunities but also comes with up-front costs that may be lacking immediately after a breakup. Renting can be a good temporary solution and may allow a person to have less to manage through the transition. 

Analyzing the financial, emotional and social costs of the housing choices can be helpful. If the person is a parent, he or she may want to think about how the housing choice will affect the children now and in five years. It can also be useful to figure out the tax implications, financial costs and whether the home is suitable for a single life. 

Housing decisions can be a significant factor in divorce planning in Texas. Alongside this decision will come other choices about co-parenting, asset division and support payments. The task may seem daunting, but a person does not have to go it alone. Many choose to consult with an experienced divorce attorney for more help with the process. 

Source:, "Deciding where to live during and after a divorce", Dawn Doebler, Feb. 6, 2018

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