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Gray divorce impacts men and women differently

More and more people are choosing to end their marriages later in life. Although divorce rates overall have declined, a certain sub-group of individuals, those over 50, have increased their rates of marital breakups. This phenomenon happens often enough that some researchers have begun to study the effects of what is known as gray divorce. For individuals in Texas who may be considering ending a marriage, the research may be useful. 

One researcher, a professor from Rutgers University, has combined her research into a recently published book on gray divorce. She found certain differences on how marital dissolution affects men and women. For a number of reasons, including a financial pay gap and time away from work to care for family, women can possibly face an increased economic burden after a late-in-life marital breakup. The researcher also found that women tend to divorce because of addictions or possible abuse. 

For men, they tend to face a social penalty for a late-in-life divorce. Men often depend on wives to maintain social and family relationships, and they can struggle with this after ending the marriage. Men tend to leave a spouse because of the way she handled the family affairs. 

Of course, every marriage is unique and will pose its own set of issues to the two parties. Since the divorce rate for older individuals has doubled since 1990, more people are looking for family law solutions to their marital problems. In Texas, a person looking for more help with ending a marriage may choose to use the services of an experienced family law attorney. 

Source:, "Rutgers professor writes book about mid-life divorce trends", Erica Lamberg, Feb. 13, 2018

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