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March 2018 Archives

New tax laws may affect couples who divorce

Texas couples may choose to end their marriage for a variety of reasons. Much like each marriage, every divorce is unique. Some divorcing couples may find the process to be straightforward, while others may find it a bit more complicated. Recently, new laws have changed the way alimony will be taxed. 

Child support enforcement can affect adult lives

Many Texas residents are aware that when parents choose to live separately, it is common to face a period of adjustment in which the best interest of all children involved must be determined. Typically, these proceedings include a child support order. While in most cases, financial support of a child is easily resolved, on some occasions it may become a tangled web of complications. 

Youth sports can lead to child custody matchups

Many parents that choose to separate will find themselves faced with the task of determining the most effective plan to co-parent their children. The same can be said for parents that never married or shared a home. Issues like visitation schedule, education, child custody arrangements and location are common points of contention.  

Common-law marriage and divorce

These days, the notion of a common-law marriage can seem a bit antiquated. However, in a handful of states, including Texas, this type of marriage still exists. The rules of common-law marriage can vary from state to state. Individuals in a recognized common-law marriage may still find themselves eventually in need of a divorce. In that case, the couple must still undergo the usual divorce proceedings.